Saturday, 19 December 2009

Let it snow…

Much to Philippa’s delight, the snow finally reached our western location. She’s been complaining about clear sunny days whilst the rest of the country has been under the white spell, there’s no pleasing some people! We’ve decided on a duvet day today, the fires on, the Sloe Gin is ready and Footy Focus is on, I’m in heaven :)



Before the snow came we managed a walk up on the hills behind the house. After following our trusty OS map we ended up in a farmyard with a very large dog who seemed intent on supplementing his lunch. Luckily the owner came out, and rather than brandishing a shotgun, was very friendly and escorted us through his property. It was nice to see the house from above.

In this picture you can see the large barn infront of our big yellow house, the new soft fruit patch, the fenced off veg patch to the right, and the polly tunnel through the tree’s, with my green shed at the back.


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