Friday, 12 March 2010

Patio Party

Work has started on the outside now, the daunting task of turning a building site into two delightful gardens for the properties. I decided to bail out of laying the patio’s myself, and got Paul and his chums to do the work!


We’ve been really fortunate with the weather over the last two weeks, with lovely sunny days (but chilly nights!) and the guys have now finished the two patio’s. Paul (the main builder) pulled his back when laying one of the big slabs in the long patio (below). And being a typical ex-farmer refused to take any painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs, and so by day two he was pretty much incapacitated and he had to call in the youthful reserves of Jamie and Moss.


Now that’s done, there’s just the small job of sourcing 200 tonnes of topsoil from somewhere so we can lay the turf and plant up the borders. If any of you followers have some spare dirt laying around, let me know!

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