Saturday, 4 September 2010

My biggest so far

I should imagine this post will not be of interest to everyone, but I couldn’t resist recording my achievement for prosperity. As you may or may not be aware, I let Philippa go away for a weeks holiday in June, and I am now starting to cash in my green cards. One card is for next year to go on a boys trip to Glastonbury, especially as one of my best friends has moved very close to Worthy Farm in Somerset, allowing us to pop back for a hot shower if it turns into a mud bath. The other cards consist of several ‘fishing’ passes.

So yesterday, with the sun blazing, I cashed in a token and headed off to Teglan, a local freshwater lake. Due to the heat I struggled all day for meagre reward. The fish were just cruising about on the surface, enjoying the sunshine, and mocking me at the same time. I decided to try and tempt them with floating bread crust, but whenever a carp started heading towards the bait, the local team of Mallard ducks decided to do a sweep of the area, shovelling up all bread in their path. By six o’clock I decided I had had enough and gave Philippa a call informing her of my intention to return before dusk, I decided to give it 30 extra minutes and, as most fisherman do at this stage, say a prayer to the God of Fishing (“I’m not asking for much, just one decent fish before I go home etc etc…..”).

And to my joy, I spent the next 10 minutes fighting this little beauty (in the eyes of the beholder!)


Luckily there was someone at the lake to help me land the fish, having no scales we estimated about 17lb which beats my previous carp best of 15lb.

As is the way with coarse fishing, the fish was carefully returned to the lake to fight another day.

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