Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The grass is greener on the other side……

We have all used this saying throughout our lifetimes, but I am taking this literally this morning.

IMG_5161 IMG_5162

The ‘D’ day for the pigs is 4 weeks away, and it was decided to move them to the pasture on the other side of their ark, where indeed, the grass was greener (in fact it had grass). This wasn’t for the idealogic reasons of letting them frolic in long grass before heading to the butchers, though they will enjoy it. But for the more selfish reasons of giving them extra grazing to hopefully improve the meat texture and flavour. They are also getting a bucket of windfall apples most days for the same reason.

The pigs did love it when they ventured into the new pasture. We opened up the rear door and they came cautiously through before sprinting around, ears flopping around.

We do have very happy pigs

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