Thursday, 10 March 2011

Another year, another spring

The Twitterati are busy twittering about the signs of spring and I’m seeing photo after photo of flowering daffodils, nest building birds and trees in full leaf. As usual, our West Wales valley microclimate is at least two weeks behind everyone else. Those daffodils whose heads have not been munched by an as yet unidentified night time beastie, are keeping their flowers tightly wrapped up. The blue tit, star of our “Tit in Residence” short movie, has stolen all the straw out of our best box and disappeared, and is no doubt busy constructing a straw lined palace in someone else’s garden.

Here at Banceithin, you know it’s spring when:

- The first attempts are made to go cold turkey and spend a full 24 hours without thermal long-johns or thermal vest and only one pair of socks.

- The central heating thermostat is knocked down another notch (not by me) on the argument (not mine) that if we open the front door the spring sunshine will warm the house instead.

- The cats are forced to share the windowsills with trays and pots of potting compost and the most asked question of the day switches from “any bookings?” to “any germinations?”.


- The cobwebs, twigs, leaves and bird poo are dusted off Trinny the Tractor because it’s sunny and Dave just can’t wait to bounce around the fields again.

- Froggy goes a-courting, sounds of amphibian loving fill the air, the murky water behind the shed turns to jelly, and the occasional squashed frog turns up on the drive.


But there really is only one sure sign that spring has sprung, that the sap is rising and that winter really is behind us.

Dave starts a new “project”…..

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