Thursday, 12 January 2017

Building a home

Trinny was aged and heading towards decrepitude when we got her. Seven years of exposure to the elements has hastened progress, to the point where I fear bits of her may start to drop off. Loyal to the end, David is in no hurry to replace her and, with one eye on the bank account, neither am I. The illogical step would be to spend a sum many times in excess of her worth to build a home that provides year round shelter and prolongs her life. So that's what we decided to do. Having made the decision to build, it made sense to add in space for my expanding beekeeping paraphernalia and for lambing indoors, protecting both hive parts and ewes from the increasing range of our resident barn owl's impressive and ever improving talent for projectile toileting.

And lo, the wood shed extension has been slowly taking shape.....

It looks considerably larger out there in the real world than it did when sketched on graph paper sitting on our dining table. I don't recall anyone telling me that I would be expected to hoist timber aloft while standing on tip toes at the top of a step ladder set up on the back of the truck. And I'm not exactly small in stature either. Perhaps David had Trinny confused with a bigger, more monstrous tractor, or perhaps he's planning ahead. Note to self, don't let him near any tractor magazines or agricultural auctions.


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