Thursday, 29 January 2009

The Shed (Can he fix it? Yes he can!)

When is a shed not a shed? When it's a barn. The most controversial aspect of this building is its name. One of the unexpected drawbacks in acquiring a property with a selection of outbuildings in varying states of ruin is that no one can agree what to call each of them. You could ask a guest to go out to the shed to collect some wood and find him hours later in the depths of a damp garage rummaging for logs amongst unpacked boxes of soft toys and ski gear. But shed is Dave's chosen name, and shed it shall be. On day one a better name would have been "blot on the landscape" (or "eye sore" for short). It was little more than a wooden skeleton with bits of old cladding sticking out like tufts of manky old fur. Enter stage left "Bob the Builder"! Ok, so he's really a guitar strumming teacher who moonlights as "Bobbos", Berkshire's famous festival headliner. But for a few days last October he morphed into "Bob the Builder" (swap hard hat for beanie and you get the picture) . With "Squaddie Dave" (a lesser known character dropped after the first series of the hit kids show for fear of scaring the more sensitive younger viewers) and "Squaddie Dad" (aka Mr Pickworth Senior, gun for hire and builder of quality chicken sheds), they completed the transformation from shameful carcase to the grand, green shed it is today. The boys done good!

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