Tuesday, 3 February 2009

God's snowy latrine

Well don't expect the fluent comedic writing from me, but as I'm hold up here in Wales on these cold evenings, I thought I would give this blogging malarchy a go. Phil will probably be doing larger posts, less frequently, when we achieve some significant milestone. I have decided to do small snippets more regularly.

Well today the snow finally reached the West coast of Wales, and it was fab for a while.

The main problem was that last night I discovered the soil pipe from the toilet was leaking all over my nice tiled floor. I decided to remove it and use some of the builders spares. Unfortunately none of them fitted so I was left without a "closet" yet again. This morning after coffee I was forced to find a natural alternative out in the snowy wastes!

The snow got heavier by lunchtime so I took the truck up to the shops to grab some supplies, mainly an excuse so I could engage 4-wheel drive in the lanes....man and machine against mother nature......... 1:0 to Dave.

I installed a new flexible soil pipe on my return and am now fully functional (as in the toilet..)

I'm not sure whether I should sign off of just stop....

1 comment:

Julian said...

Remain me not to go wandering around your land as never know what I might find you have left behind !!!!