Tuesday, 10 February 2009

It's the pits!

So as the ground has defrosted a bit, Paul (The main builder) decided to get on with the messy work of digging all the trenches for the drains and also the pit to hold the septic tank. As you can see the hole was massive and goes several feet further through the water table, and I was surprised the garage didn't topple in.

There will be three chambers installed, the first one will collect the "solids", the second will accumulate the "liquor", and the third will be a small one which will act like an automatic cistern and flush out a set amount when it's full into the reed bed treatment plant (yet to be started), and finally into the water course. We had to spend a load of Phil's money on getting a specialist company to design the system, and these plans were sent to the Environment Agency to get our Consent to Discharge approval (which we got last week, hurrah). Apparently the water coming out the reed bed should be drinkable......baggsie me last!

I would like to take some credit for the septic tank work, but it's been 'orrible here today, so I put the heating on and started planning the new kitchens for the cottages:-)

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