Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Dave 1:1 Mother Nature

Well I shouldn't have spoken to soon, I was unaware that Mrs Nature was following this blog and she swept back into the game with a thunderous equaliser.

This morning the toilet was still leaking, so having consulted with the Boss in Berkshire, we decided to replace the loo. I popped into Lampeter, and whilst the roads were still covered in snow there were no problems. On the way back I was descending the hill just before our house (in first gear!), and when I tried the brakes the wheels just slipped. I kept tapping them but my momentum was too great and I went across the T junction into the bank....DOH!

I opened the door and a car behind me did exactly the same thing but luckily missed me by a foot. The crunch had pushed the bumper supports into the tyre so I couldn't move. Having tried my neighbours, I did find a metal bar in the back and could lever the metal back.

Luckily, as the truck is so high, no body panels were damaged, just the plastic front bumper, so I might be able to fix it myself! But I do feel a total fool.

One bit of good news today, I installed the new toilet, a bargain at £65, and it works a treat :-)

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