Saturday, 21 February 2009

Operation "Poly" - The end game!

All I can say is that I'm knackered. We got up early to try and get the hard two man stuff done on the tunnel before I had to take Phil to the station.

We got the polythene on, but in our haste to fill in the trench, we weren't keeping an eye on the plastic and found it wasn't the right tension, so we had to dig out the trench again by hand. We finally got it in place by lunch time so we whisked off to Aberystwyth via our favourite chippie in Aberaeron. On returning I had the daunting task of filling in the trenches. And after 3 hours of heavy digging, having to contend with huge rocks every spade full, it was more or less complete. The sun was out again and with Chelsea beating Villa on the radio it was a satisfying day - apart from the wife having to go back :-(

All that's left to do is re hang the doors, and backfill around the support posts on the inside. Then it's full steam ahead to growing our first salad crops.

Yum scrum bum

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