Thursday, 19 February 2009

Operation "Poly"

The first full day to try and erect the poly tunnel before Saturday as Phil is returning to civilization. As you can see, Paul dug the trench around the marked out area in his "older" digger. It was a little bit aggressive and actually dug out a lot of the land that the support posts were supposed to be. Undeterred we carried on wedging bits of stone and earth around the posts to try and keep them upright.

Once the hoops were up we got onto a bit of a roll, but we needed to get the suports in place sharpish as the hoops would not stand up long on their own.

Tomorrow we shall build the wooden door frames and attempt to cover the tunnel, so we are praying for calm weather tonight and tomorrow.

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Julian said...

reminds me of our tent? is where you will keep the parrots !! - sorry awful but in the blood