Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The arrival of the Daleks!

Well we had a glorious day here, I almost wished I didn't have my trusty thermals on...almost.
Unfortunately the digger snapped one of it's tracks, so the trench around the polytunnel couldn't be dug so we had to divert our attention to something else. We decided to set up our compost bins for household rubbish from the kitchen. We brought the two Daleks with us from Berkshire, as the local council were selling them for £5 each. We weighted them down with rocks and ended up making a lovely Dalek rockery. By having two it should mean when one is full, we can move onto the next one, and by the time that is full, we should have some lovely compost in the first one. Hopefully Paul can fix the digger tomorrow so we can crack on with the polytunnel.

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Andrew said...

Reckon you'll need more than two - we fill up one in about nine months. For your next ones try the square designs - I've got the circular daleks too and they're a bugger to mix the contents. This little book is the compost bible