Thursday, 5 February 2009

Clean at last

So this morning I did the final push to the summit of "Fitting a New bathroom" in the main house. We had this great idea to remove the bath and install a wet room. Little did I realise the effort in retro-fitting a wet room in an old house. Also little did I realise that the giant 600*300 tiles we had chosen were the hardest substance known to man, and this meant I had to invest in solid lumps of diamond just to cut it.

None of the walls were straight or flat as they were all made of this lathe and plaster (not sure about spelling there), which is where thin wooden slats are nailed to the uprights and then covered in a thick layer of lime plaster mixed with horse hair.

I have spent 3 weeks on this project, which entailed me using local sports facilities for showers, but now my work here is done. I will be handing the baton over to Phil for the painting as she doesn't trust me with the edging, quite right too.

Well off for a shower, shave and **** as they say in the army,

lovely jubbly!

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