Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Good earth

Well we finally started some work on the land today. Paul has got a fabulous old tractor and he rotivated a section of our top field that Phil had marked out to be our vegetable plot. It was quite an exciting time, as with all the work going on with the cottages, we had lost sight of one of the main reasons for undertaking this adventure. I was itching to have a go in the tractor, put Paul being an ex-farmer was having too much fun himself. I'm thinking of buying the tractor off him......maybe.

We have had the soil tested and it isn't as poor as we expected, but we will have to add a bit of lime as it is a touch acidic.

Philippa is up all this week which is great, and she's been busying herself with designing the set up for the garden, along with creating "mood boards" for the interior design of the holiday lets. I'm keeping well away from all that, most of my suggestions just get a derisory glance.

One of the main jobs this week is to build the polytunnel, we measured it out today, and tomorrow one of the guys will dig a trench round it, which would have taken days to do by hand as it is pretty stony.

It's great to be outside though and getting our hands dirty at last!

(p.s. Big thanks to Katie, Chris and Ali who visited this weekend, it was good to see you all and we'll have some jobs for you to do next time you visit!)

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Anonymous said...

Pink wellies and a not quite at ease stance when wielding a tool - still some townie in the blood!