Monday, 18 January 2010

Fire in the hold

Well it’s nice to get back to doing some proper work, rather than snuggling in front of the fire, watching DVD box sets and drinking far too much red wine!

The builders also arrived back on site and continued with the indoor sports arena (otherwise known as the old garage), pouring a concrete path around the outside and installing the window frames.

The first part of the day involved the removal from the loft in the barn of the hot water tank. As the system wasn’t working during the cold snap, and we forgot to drain it, ice inside the tank had burst the heating coils…..It was a bit of a disaster, as a new one costs over £1500. But speaking to the manufacturer, they can fix it for £100…..Hurrah!

We popped round to the new neighbours to scrounge some nice horse manure to dig over the beds in the polytunnel. Hopefully that will mean we’ll get a bumper crop this year.

I finished the installation of the wood burning stove in the barn and the test firing went smoothly. We’ll now be able to work in either properties, even if it is –16 Deg.


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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year from Stephen and Maria. Great to read how you are progressing and looking forward to coming to see you.