Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Arnie arrives at Banceithin


Well the bore hole team arrived on Tuesday to start the drilling. The machine came trundling up the drive looking like something from the Terminator movies. The boys started drilling but it is taking a bit longer than anticipated, as the bedrock here is pretty tough and they are only managing about 3 metres every hour, and as they are going down to 50 metres, it will take some time.

IMG_4774 IMG_4777

In the mean time, I have been manually filling the water storage tank by hand from another spring down the road. This was taking forever as I was only getting 25 litres every 10 minutes, and as the tank holds 1400 litres this was taking all day, so I needed to come up with a better solution. In stepped our fantastic neighbours! Rod from down the road directed me to a dairy farmer up the hill called Jim. He was fantastic and rigged up a water pipe for me but I still only had three 25 litre containers. He sent me to to the farm next door, where Mark lent my a 1000 litre water tank that fitted perfectly into the back of the truck. So now I only have to fill our tank every other day, and it only takes an hour!


The only obstacle left was how to get the water from the tank on the truck, into our storage tank not having a pump. Luckily there is a small bank near to the track, and through the power of gravity we can actually syphon the water down to the main tank, RESULT!

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