Thursday, 22 July 2010

Gone Fishing

Well I seem to have caught the fishing bug again, last week my folks were up staying in Cwt Mochyn with their friends Richard and Cath from Ashford Golf Club. The boys were itching to get a days fishing in, so I took them to a nearby coarse fishery called Teglan. It appeared to be crammed full of fish and we spent a cracking day catching a bag full of good sized fish including Tench, Bream, Roach and Carp. I even bagged myself a Golden Tench which is a first for me.



The main problem was that there was rain forecast and we only had my one brolly between the three of us. Being a good son, I decided to keep the brolly for myself, Richard managed to borrow one from the lake owner, which left Dad out to face the elements.


As the fishing was so good, when the first shower came over Dad stayed put and sheltered under the peak of his cap. The rain came down thick and fast and in the end Squaddie Dad had to take shelter in the car whilst we continued to outwit the beasties under the surface.


At this point I was starting to feel slightly guilty, so a quick call to Ms Nightingale (aka Philippa), and she came rushing down with an emergency spare brolly, a dry chair and some crisps and chocolate!


This week Philippa is away and so I’m in charge of two change-over's, but I definitely will be having another days fishing before she returns :-)

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