Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Say hello to Teri!

There are some big decisions to be made in life. To be a lawyer or to be an engineer. To move to Wales or to stick with the rat race. To order the cheese plate or to go for dessert. Deciding whether to get a dog or not is right up there with the life changing moments.

Some serious deliberation has taken place but today we finally admitted to ourselves that a farm is not a farm without a dog. And more importantly, a truck is not a truck if there isn’t a dog hanging out the window, tongue lolling, ears blowing in the wind.

So ….. meet Teri (she’s the cute fluffy one not the gurning dork in the glasses).

IMG_4912 IMG_4914

Teri will be 6 weeks old this weekend and will be joining the Pickworth family a week later. That means we have a week’s worth of cat pre-counselling to get through. Maybe I should drag my Spit the Dog puppet out of the loft for use as a counselling tool. As a child I fooled the security guards at a London gallery into thinking Spit was real, so surely I can convince The Three Amigos.

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