Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Welcome home, Trinny!

After major surgery and several weeks in intensive care Trinny was released from tractor hospital. She’s still not fully fit, with little leaks here and there, but Doctor John says she’s good to go. And go she did, with Dave putting her to work straight away. No period of convalescence for poor old Trinny – the foot high grass needed seeing to!

IMG_4869 IMG_4872

But Dave is not a cruel man, so Trinny was rewarded with a good wash, probably her first in 30 years. Now Dave can see through the windscreen maybe the grass will be cut in straight lines.

Note to self, tomatoes respond to chastisement. After my whispered words we’ve had a mass ripening. Sweet, red and juicy ….


… and that’s just the tomatoes!

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Anonymous said...

Those toms look as though they smell lovely