Saturday, 8 January 2011

Banceithin Brainteaser

The traditional media end one year and begin a new one with a proliferation of lists charting the best, worst and most annoying and quizzes to test just how much attention we were all paying as we battled our way through the year. I’m all for traditions, so here you have my review of a year at Banceithin in Top 3 and quiz format.

Best New Experiences

1. Eating our own home reared pork in all its forms – big fat finger licking chops, jerk baked ham (that’s the rub not the cook), juicy roast joint with crispy crackling, streaky bacon sandwiched between layers of buttered bread.

2. Plucking a freshly laid egg from its bed of straw (and chicken poo) in the hen house.

3. Sharing Banceithin at its best on a beautiful sunny day with happy, smiling, holidaying guests.

Worst New Experiences

1. Putting my hand inside a pheasant to remove the guts.

2. Clearing up sloppy puppy poo at 6:30 a.m. in the morning.

3. The slaughterhouse.

Most Pleasing Successes

1. Opening for business on target, under budget and still talking to each other.

2. Getting a Gold Award from the Green Tourism Business Scheme & fixing the shiny new plaque on the gatepost.

3. Acceptance for listing on Alistair Sawday’s Special Escapes web site & being called “an inspiration” by their inspector.

Most Disappointing Failures

1. Growing sweetcorn cobs without kernels.

2. Not getting to bake a pizza in the clay oven before it became a clay cow pat.

3. Losing my only two cauliflowers to the slimy devil’s munchers called slugs.

And your starter for ten …

1. January: Who were the first new arrivals of the year, what are their names & who are they named after?

2. February: What troublemaker was nicknamed “the big green monster”?

3. March: What went “live” for the first time?

4. April: What took over from the slug as the number one garden pest and why?

5. May: What “gateway to another world” was installed?

6. June: A month of new arrivals – who was living in a box in the shed, who moved into the ark and what were their names, and what special new box was built in the orchard field?

7. July: Why did things get “boring”?

8. August: What project did Dave start but not finish?

9. September: Another new arrival – who was it and where did she come from?

10. October: Who did I nearly accidentally starve to death?

11. November: What new fashion items did Phil acquire and why?

12. December: Who lost his head (and legs, and wings, and feathers and just about everything else)?


Dave got 6 out of 12. Where was he for the other 6 months of the year.

How did you do?

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