Sunday, 16 January 2011

Bird boxes

At Banceithin we are blessed with loads of birds, and following the success of the barn owl nest boxes last year, I decided to put up a few more for the smaller species. Having plenty of old plywood from the building, and with a plan from the RSPB web site, I set about building three new boxes.


The size of hole depends on the type of bird they will attract. Having only a 25mm and 28 mm drill bit, they will mainly be for tits, but I do have a soft spot for tits!

We have blue, marsh and great tits here, but we also have tree sparrows, pied flycatchers and nuthatches which could set up home in one of the new houses.


After a couple of days there has already been some interest from some blue tits, but there won’t be any nesting activity until February time.


Jayne Kelly said...

How about a nest cam?

Dave said...

I have looked into this Jayne, as I wanted one for the Barn Owl, but they all seem a bit pricey :-(