Monday, 2 March 2009

The Barn

The Barn is the larger of the two properties, having 3 double bedrooms with a separate lounge and dining room. It's been great fun designing and seeing the transformation from an old cow shed and pig sty.

We first had to clear all the mess out which included about 3 foot of old pig muck out of the sty. The cow stalls were cut out with an angle grinder and we then knocked a large hole in the side of the building so we could get the mini digger in to break up all the flooring.

A new level floor was poured and archways built between the main communal rooms. All of the original windows and doors were filled in, and new ones knocked out.

The glazing went in last week and at the moment the plasterers are in. I'm keeping out of the way, whilst I did do a plastering course, these guys are amazing and absolutely fly through, so it is just more economical to get them to do it (thank god!).

I spent the day up the field constructing Phil's new tool shed and carried on building the raised beds in the polytunnel - it was raining :-)

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