Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Well the plasterers have virtually finished, and the holiday cottages look completely different. Things are starting to race along here now. We've got to think about colour schemes and the finishes.

Choosing the lighting is proving the most difficult. If we weren't doing these as eco-friendly properties it would be easy, just shove a load of halogen spots everywhere. But with us only using low energy lighting, it's quite a challenge to know how bright the rooms will be when we finish, so there is a fair amount of finger crossing going on. I know people staying at an eco cottage will expect lower powered lights, but we wanted to show people you don't have to compromise style and luxury just because you are green.

We had some freaky weather here today, a three hour snow blizzard followed by a glorious afternoon, but at least I can work in the Poly when it's nasty, and I finished the raised beds today, hurrah!

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