Monday, 20 April 2009

Bish, bash, bosh, lovely jubbly

Well I've just finished building the retaining wall at the back of the cottage on a glorious day, and I feel like a real builder!

We had to cover all the pipes up feeding the hot water from our house, and all the waste pipes. But if we had just pushed the earth back over them, the back garden for the cottage would have been at about 30 deg. So by building the wall it allowed us to level the site out a bit, but to keep costs down I said I would do it. To be honest I did get some help in setting up the footings, but the rest I is all me :-) It's a bit Heath robinson, but it's straight and level, and it will have soil pushed up to it so no-one will see it anyway.....but I'll know it's there!

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