Friday, 3 April 2009

The Builders

Well the builders have seen the blog now and are upset that they haven't featured yet so here is a post introducing the main protagonists!

The first picture is of Paul, he's the main man and the person who we bought Banceithin from last Autumn. Paul has also helped out when any mechanical work has been needed on the property as he owns dozens of machines and tractors, and can't bring himself to get rid of any. We're hopefully going to buy one of his old tractors from him, a 29 year old International, it's a real beauty!.

Next comes Jamie. He along with Jon have done much of the stone work on the properties, apparently from the graffiti he's a bit of a "gayer", which he denies, but the pink lunch box doesn't help his cause. He's also is in a funk band and I've listened to his CD and their stuff is pretty good.

Big Rick has moved on now, but he rebuilt all of the roofs and did the intricate archway's in the main barn.

John is the wildman of the bunch, he also worked on the stonework with Jamie, as well as entertaining the troops. He permanently lives in his double woolly hat and is the hedonist of the group, often looking a bit bleary eyed on a Monday morning. Come to think of it, he looked blurry eyed most mornings:-)

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Jonathan Kemp said...

I'm a bit bothered to see the so-called gayer not possessing proper fingers.