Monday, 5 April 2010


This has become one of the most used terms during this project. As we are working with 200 year old buildings, it isn’t always possible to obtain that ‘perfect’ finish, and in a way we want to retain the buildings original character. We then use the term to describe the result. “The wall is a bit curved”……its idiosyncratic. This term has now been used to describe our first attempt at fencing. Bearing in mind the amount of large rocks just nestling under the surface waiting to deflect any attempt at driving in a post, the main uprights have been modelled on that famous tower in Pisa.



The hard landscaping is carrying on at a pace. The cottage garden now needs the turf laying and the various plants planted.

I have trained Phil in the art of welsh stone edging and there’s no stopping her now!


The Pickworth family after a hard day in the garden. Note my mums revulsion at the impending contact of Stevie (she’s allergic to the little critters!)

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