Tuesday, 27 April 2010

We’re on the Map

So after the umpteenth delivery guy, without any map or sense of direction, struggled to find us with the limited power of satellite navigation, we decided  to get some signs put up at the front entrance. Being a rural location, the postcode for our property covers the whole 1 mile of lane that we’re on, and even Google used to think that Banceithin was 500 metres up the road (I have now fixed this, I didn’t know that you could actually edit Google Maps…very clever).

Squaddie Dad had put us in contact with the company Ashford Golf Club uses for it’s signs, and yesterday we received two shiny new signs.


After a team effort (cats getting in the way!), we positioned one on either side of the drive, so now no one can make the excuse of not being able to find us!

Navigational tools now available.

  1. Two big white signs
  2. Banceithin is actually named on OS Explorer Map
  3. Banceithin can be found on Google Maps
  4. Full written directions and meticulously hand drawn maps available to download from our web site
  5. Did I mention 2* big white signs?

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