Friday, 21 May 2010

The Final Drive

Well that’s it, the last big project done, the resurfacing of the driveway. We were thinking of hiring some Irish navies for the job, but Phil turned out to be considerably cheaper!



Paul the builder provided the heavy machinery to spread the loads of scalpings. Scalpings are a mix of small bits of slate and powdered slate from a local quarry, which when compacted gives a great hard surface. We installed our recycling area at the end of the car park using one of Squaddie Dad’s signs. He excelled himself this time with a free hand recycling logo.


The driveway looks a little barren at the mo, so we plan to soften it with a few ‘agricultural’ ornaments. We have even got a couple of car parking spaces for us so we can park away from the holiday properties.

Now we just need to get some guests!

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Penguin said...

Wow - the transformation from the early beginnings is just stunning. Huge congrats to you both, and may your guests be many, and your future be a happy one.