Sunday, 9 May 2010

Freestyle fencing

I have three exciting new developments to report. First, I shovelled my first barrow load of fresh wet concrete. Second, I hung my first gate. Third, I drove Trinny the tractor for the first time. Also, I now know that it is indeed possible to do a wheel spin in a tractor.

Fencing in the front garden of Cwt Mochyn was our trickiest fencing job to date. There was none of that “bang in the posts and never mind if it’s a little bit wonky” style fencing. This was serious stuff, with diggers, concrete, spirit levels and everything. 

IMG_4520 IMG_4521

In fencing, as in hanging pictures on walls, if two tall people are doing the work and there is no third short person keeping an eye on progress, you end up with everything set at a high level. Consequently, to anyone under 5 foot 10 inches tall it may appear as though we’ve erected a barricade rather than a garden fence. The gate hangs nicely though. It has a lovely swinging action too. Important qualities in a gate, don’t you think?


Perhaps best of all, the cement mixer has FINALLY left the site after 20 months in residence. It gladdens my heart to open the curtains in the morning and not see any builder’s tools and debris, just Stevie trotting up the drive with something dead and furry in his mouth.

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