Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Here piggy piggy!

The next stage of the smallholding plan is in motion with the arrival of our pigs now imminent. they were born 2 weeks ago and we went to see them on Saturday to check the farm and mother were all to our liking. The pigs were in great shape and spend most of their life running free in a 7 acre orchard full of oak and chestnut trees. So we put an order in for three little pigs. They are Oxford Sandy and Black’s, a rare breed which are slower growing than intensive breeds, but develop exceptional pork and bacon for you lucky ones who have reserved a ‘slice’ of the action!


The little piggies will be weaned at 8 weeks which means we shall get them around mid June.

Their living quarters have arrived which we’ve built. But as you can see from the picture, the fencing has yet to be erected, but I’m hoping to get some help next week when we get our first guests in the cottages!


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