Monday, 7 June 2010

That was the week that was

The first week of Banceithin Farm and Holiday Cottages being officially “open for business” is now over and all is quiet, the sun has passed and the rain has started. If every week in the life of our business is the same as the first, my crystal ball tells me we’re in for a most pleasant time. Although if I were to drink as much alcohol in every week as I did in the first week, it’s unlikely that I would live to see many weeks. In my defence, it’s not every week that I get to celebrate the launch of a new venture.

We were blessed with beautiful weather, fantastic guests and an abundance of fun. The week can best be described as:

- an episode of “Baywatch” (a hot sun, sand in the sun cream, Dave tip-toeing tentatively into the Atlantic waters and Jules “bird watching” on the beach)

……… sandwiched between

- an episode of Springwatch (Jules’ owl-cam capturing three fluffy, white, wide-eyed chicks living in our shed, spotting the cuckoo for the first time and me chasing naughty Nessa with a redstart chick in her mouth)

- and an episode of Countryfile (team effort learning the traditional rural skill of upside-down wobbly pig fencing with wonky posts)

……….. garnished with

- an episode of Top Gear (truck bunny hopping as Alice & Harriet weave around the orchard at the wheel of the truck)

- an episode of Casualty (I’ll spare you the details, but suffice to say there was blood involved and it wasn’t mine)

- and an episode of the Sky at Night (star gazing as Terry’s Chinese lanterns drifted into the night sky, last seen heading for the coast).

All in all, a week to remember.

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Penguin said...

Big smile on my face from reading that. Happy for you both :)