Thursday, 3 June 2010

Many hands make light work

You go on holiday. It’s a glorious day. What do you do? Go to the beach? Go for a ramble in the Cambrians? Erect some pig fencing?

Blog readers will know that Dave is not averse to roping in guests to lend a hand on some project or other. True to form, week one at Banceithin Farm and Holiday Cottages and the troops rallied round for a team fence building afternoon.


IMG_4582 IMG_4583

Terry was on fence post knocker in duty and the entire family von Cole pitched in with hammers, wire cutters and strimmer. The farm has never witnessed so much industry and glamour (that’s the Cole girls not Dave) all at the same time! I reckon two more weeks of bookings and we’ll have the entire farm fenced off, a weed free veg plot and maybe get the front of the house painted.

Meanwhile there’s been a dip in egg production. The girls have got such a taste for freedom that the moment the gate is open, in a flash of feathers, they’re out and running. We’ve had to incarcerate them for two days in a row to find out if egg laying has stopped or if, as we suspect is the case, two of the girls have found themselves an alternative nest box somewhere in the long grass. Dave squidged Hera in the gate trying to keep her in – instant scrambled egg!


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Jayne Kelly said...

Those posts look damn heavy!