Friday, 25 June 2010

Fit as a butchers dog…

Well I know we have only just taken delivery of our first weaners, and Phil has given them all cute names, but we had to go and see the butcher we are planning to use to turn our carcasses into yummy pork! Rob and Carol have been providing this service to farmers for 20 years, and as luck would have it, they happen to live round the corner from us.

We have already taken orders for six half pigs, so we wanted to see what people would get for this, and Rob invited us up to see him butcher a whole pig.


Each half of pig will give around 16 pork chops, 24 slices of belly pork, a sheet of ribs, 10 different types of joint, scored, boned and rolled, fillet, 1 kidney, 2 trotters, cheeks and 2kg of sausages.

He also produces his own dried cured bacon, and hams. Whilst we are going to make a lot of our own sausages and hams, in order to sell to jo public, we would need a whole separate processing room to comply with Meat Hygene  regulations.


This picture is of Carol packing individual joints of half a pig……..Mmmmm


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