Sunday, 17 May 2009

All hands

Well it's been a busy few days. Mr and Mrs Pickworth senior have been up for the week so I got them straight to work. There were lots of jobs that needed seeing to and we made a pretty good dent on most of them. Day one was garden day and mum staked in the peas while Dad and I planted the main crop potatoes in the outside beds. The folks also brought up some current bushes and loganberries which we stuffed in the ground waiting for the head gardener to design the fruit areas.

Day two and three involved painting in the cottage for mum, and the start of laying our first floor for Dad and I. This floor was in the kitchen of the cottage, and we needed to get it in so we could fit the kitchen. The floor looked relatively straight forward to lay, but with all the walls being at funny angles, and one wall being a very uneven stone affair, it was a bit of a fiddle. We managed it in the end and just need to fit the skirting and flexible filler for the gaps between the floor and the stone wall.

Dad and I also completed the trellis work in the garden of the cottage and made a start at the dry stone wall. At one point the whole thing nearly collapsed on Dad as he was trying to hold it all together. Luckily he got out of the way just before it did!

Friday night Phil arrived and it was an early start next morning as we were all off to the Royal Welsh Smallholders Show in Builth Wells. It pee'd down most of the day but it was really useful and we found several pedigree pig breeders as well as local poultry producers.

We have decided to try the Welsh rare breed pig alongside our Berkshires, apparently their meet is second to none, with a lean carcass, good fat covering but not too fatty as with the Gloucester Old Spots and other rare breed pigs

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