Monday, 4 May 2009

Reedbed progress

Well things are moving along well with the old reed bed. The weather has been kind so we were able to crack on with the excavation. We already had the made-to-measure industrial pond liner and felt (to protect the liner from being pierced by stones), so once we had the bottom level we packed out the contours with a layer of sand. Then we lay the first layer of terram felt, followed by the big pond liner.

It then started to rain so we had to quickly dig the drainage ditch and attach the pipe otherwise we would have been left with an unintended eco-swimming pool!

The following day we added the first layer of drainage stone and the first section of piping. It took me ************ ages to drill all the holes in these pipes, but they will take the filtrated effluent and dribble it out into the wetland. It was quite fun putting the pipes together, it was just like a giant Airfix model kit, with the glue being just as potent!

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