Friday, 27 November 2009

Blue is the Colour


I’ve just realised that the ‘Greek’  room has actually turned out to be the same colour as the mighty blues home strip, but I’m sure Philippa will not want me to plaster the walls with Chelsea memorabilia, especially if we want to have a  broad appeal to our future guests. Painting this room seems to have been messier than the others. Maybe the paint is thinner than previous colours, but after 10 minutes using the roller, I was pretty much covered, and could have easily auditioned as a member in the Blue Man Group


(From right Phil, me and Paul the builder)

The final bathroom is nearing completion (hurrah I hear you cry). It has seemingly taken forever and Phil is still a little unsure of the colour scheme, but my theory is to plough on now to the finish line so as any desired changes in colour become too much of a hassle to implement.


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