Monday, 2 November 2009

Getting there

I’ll leave Philippa to do the quality writing, I just thought I would update the blog with our recent progress.

The Cottage is getting there now, we can see the end in sight! All the flooring is down, and we’ve varnished the mezzanine bedroom floor and completed the balustrade which looks great (in my opinion anyway!)


I’ve completed the downstairs cloakroom and added a nifty box to hide all the pipe work which I made (with Squaddie Dad’s help) from the same material as the floor.


The Barn is also coming together but there is still some major work needed. The solar panels still need to be fitted, but we’ve completed the ensuite bathroom, and are making steady progress on the main bathroom.



The garage has also had a makeover, it’s been split in two with the main area becoming a games room, and the smaller room will have a side door and be used as a boot and store room for the guests.


We’ve also started to buy some furniture for the properties. We’ve found this fabulous little company who refurbish old 1930’s furniture which when all the horrible dark brown varnish is removed, look fantastic. We’ve managed to get an old HMV radiogram from them, which still works, so we are going to put it in the cottage with a load of our old vinyl records as I bet most people over 35 would love to play a few scratchy records like “the old days”.

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