Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The earth moved

There are big changes taking place down at Banceithin this week with the start of the landscaping. It’s the first step towards transforming the front of the house from building site to beautiful garden and wildlife haven. A teeny tiny first step.

IMG_4019    IMG_4014

Before Paul fired up the digger and began spreading out the rubble pile the front of the barn looked more like overflow landfill site for the local neighbourhood than a potential garden. There were unidentifiable rusting objects, months old bottles of milk, crushed paint pots, abandoned tools and a can of Gillete shaving foam (goodness knows which builder was so concerned about his appearance that he felt the need to shave on site!). Naturally I assumed all the debris would be collected up before landscaping began. Silly me. I’m still not thinking like a builder. Just because I always had a tidy desk doesn’t mean I can have a tidy building site. Every time I hoover (yes, you read that right, I hoover on site) or collect up scattered tools, “someone” comes along behind me and messes the place up again. I suspect I’m at risk of becoming obsessive-compulsive when it comes to tidying up. Anyway, if you think like a builder, why waste time collecting debris that you’ll only have to dump somewhere else, just spread out the rubble and hey presto, the debris magically disappears. Job’s a good’un.

Meanwhile, as it was a crisp sunny autumn morning, I was back on outside painting duty again. My life would be so much simpler if people liked to holiday in door-less window-less boxes. 


At least my trusty decorating pal Charlie is always nearby, ready to rub up against my wet paint work and place a dirty paw on my clean white windowsills.


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Painting Queen said...

Are you sure Dave has not been busy with the airbrush and that "Paul's Pile" is actually still there?