Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Come on Baby light my fire…

I’ve currently got my HETAS approved installer hat on at the moment. We’ve purchased the wood burning stoves for the two cottages and I’m attempting to install them. It all seems pretty straight forward and I’ve researched it thoroughly having spoken to the Building Reg’s department at the local council and an engineer at HETAS (like Corgi is for gas, HETAS is the body for solid fuel installations).


The hardest bit is connecting the flue to the chimney in the roof, and I have to completely mock it up first before dismantling it all and re-assembling it with fire sealant in all the joints. but doing it myself should save us a couple of grand.


The quicker I get it done the quicker we can paint in the warm, as the radiators and boiler connections have yet to be commissioned.

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