Friday, 12 February 2010

Spot the difference…..

IMG_4267 IMG_4278

……….You’re good aren’t you!

Yes the big green monster is missing from the second picture.

This is all part of the trials and tribulations of the giant hot water tank in the barn. The first install went pretty smoothly, with the solar panels on the roof connected and the main feed pipes from our house also connected. During the big freeze, water froze inside the tank as we forgot to fully drain the system. The little blighter had to be dismantled and shipped back to it’s factory of birth to be fixed. A week later it was returned to us and the process of pushing a slippery and stubborn 60Kg green monster through the tiny loft hatch began. Having finally refilled the whole system, we joyfully experienced central heating and hot water in the barn. Three days later we noticed a water stain in the bedroom below and it was all engines stop. The tank appeared to be leaking from the bottom, so we hurriedly emptied it and went through the whole shenanigans of shipping it back to Nottinghamshire again.

It was finally returned to us again today, but the builder Paul can’t make it until Thursday, and we can’t get it up in the loft on our own, so we’ve left him (the monster not Paul!) on sentry duty outside the barn wearing a snazzy blue tarpaulin.


Fingers crossed this will be the last you see of this troublemaker!

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