Saturday, 20 February 2010

With a little help from a friend

One man, one Penguin, one woman, a king size mattress and a spiral staircase, equals an impossible task.


Or so thought Mr Sleepmasters-bed-shop-delivery-man, who knew little of our combined talents for lateral thinking. Penguin’s idea was to bend the mattress around the spiral. Alas, it turned out that a mattress is less bendy than a staircase, so that plan was abandoned for fear of demolishing Dave’s beloved Italian spiral. Dave’s idea was for two people to stand on step ladders on the ground floor, hoist the mattress onto their heads and lob the mattress over the mezzanine banister like a 150cmx200cm javelin. It was jointly decided that this should be the plan of last resort. My idea? I didn’t have one as I was sure the whole venture was doomed from the start and was already planning how I could convert the open plan living area into a bedroom.

So how did we get the mattress up there? Penguin & I heaved, while Dave dragged, and with a huff and a puff, and a small squeal, we lobbed it over the top!

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