Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Over The Rainbow

My one woman campaign against magnolia continues apace with the decoration of the barn. There’s red (Drum Beat) in the dining room.

IMG_4259   IMG_4273

This was a nightmare paint, it looked fuchsia pink in the tin (scaring even me when first opened), turned red on the walls, but was so runny that even with four coats the finish is not perfect. It is a great match with the kitchen units though.

There’s blue, orange and brown in the bedrooms, or to give the colours their “trade names”, Ocean Force, Heat and Cocoa Pod.

IMG_4265 IMG_4262

IMG_4266  In an unexpected departure from the norm, the living room is less colourful. No, it’s not magnolia, it’s “Biscuit”. Custard Cream perhaps? But you should see the rug I’ve bought for the floor – it’s a multi-coloured wonder in wool!

IMG_4269  Actually, I’m amazed that any of the paint has dried. It’s so cold in the barn that you can see your own breath and lying on the cold floor to paint above the skirting board gave me a numb bum. There’s still no heating and the insulation acts like a cool box! The outside temperature of a few degrees above zero feels warm in comparison. That is until you break the ice on the water trough and dip your hands into the arctic plunge pool to wash brushes and rollers.  And more fool you if, like Dave, you drop your tool into the water ….


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