Thursday, 9 July 2009

It's party time!

Yes indeed, I'm having a Dave party tonight. For those in the know, it's usually great fun and involves music, various tipples and plenty of dancing, with a very strict door policy ensuring the single name on the guest list gets in, and there are no gate crashers!

What is the reason for such celebrations I here you ask, well we had the grand opening of the reed bed today. The waste pipe from the main house was diverted to the new system and I planted the bed up with Phragmites Australis.

It was a welcome divertion after a painful morning when I found a crack in one of the new green tiles, and had to smash it with a hammer to get it back up. Quite a nerve racking moment as I feared more tiles would split. But luckily it all went smoothly as the tile adhesive hadn't fully set and I had a spare tile to slot in the gap.


Philippa's narrow trowel, perfect for planting 200 reeds

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Andrew said...

Mate - this looks fantastic, are the reeds taking ok ? I understand it can be a tad smelly in the days before it all settles down ?