Monday, 13 July 2009


This mixture of hot sunny days and then hot wet days has brought the garden on a treat. We had our first pea and broad bean harvest this weekend and they were scrummy :-)

Philippa was up for the weekend as it was the Ceredigion fish festival at Aberaeron (rock 'n roll I hear you say), we rocked up expecting a few people and found it was absolutely ramming, so much so we couldn't get to many of the stands on the quay side and ended up at our favourite fish and chip shop in the high street and ate them in the park......I suppose it's a good sign for tourism in the area though.

We're counting down the days until Phil finally moves up permanently, 4 weeks to go


Andrew said...

Nice harvest(not sure about the gay basket though, a bit "Country Living")

Dave said...

It's a gay "trug" actually!