Friday, 24 July 2009

A right old mish mash

Well it's been a few days since my last update so this is a bit of a general update with no real theme (as all my posts tend to be I hear you say!)
I installed my second shower of the campaign in the spotty bathroom of the cottage. I'm really chuffed with it but had a few scary moments drilling holes in the nice new tiles which I had no spares of.

It's been a lovely day today, which makes a change since it's been blooming awful for the last 2 weeks, apart from in the evening when it often has calmed down and I'm able to take tea on the veranda :-)

Trinny's battery was fully charged so I had a quick whizz round the fields while the rain held off and also installed the satellite dish on the barn which will supply both properties with a signal. we couldn't go for terrestrial as there is no signal here.


I am loving the young turnips, I have never really paid them much attention, but they have grown really quickly and picked young they are sweet and tasty in a salad.

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