Saturday, 1 August 2009

View from A Far



This a pic of the farm from the lane at the back. It’s a nice day today, which makes a change seeing as the rest of the country seems to be a bit gloomy. I spent the morning continuing with the “spotty” bathroom, the tiling is done now, and I have installed the light mirror and basin. I couldn’t finish the loo as I need to wait until Monday to go to the plumbers merchants.




As it was so nice I spent the rest of the morning in the veg plot, pulling up the shallots and picking and freezing the last of the broad beans. It’s a funny experience not having a proper job with defined work times. I’ve yet to get used to allowing myself to do nothing without feeling guilty about it………..I’m sure it will get easier for me.

I go to pick up Phil on Wednesday for good, we’re going to a posh restaurant with Ali on Wednesday evening as a  final farewell to a life of money. Phil has already got an accounts book so we can start tracking our day-to-day expenditure. No more sneaky tech gadget purchases for me :-(


My new mole grips, watch out moles…….

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