Thursday, 13 August 2009

Alien Babies!

IMG_3762 IMG_3763

Our first butternut squashes are starting to develop under a mass of growth that is threatening to pick up the poly tunnel and walk off down the hill. One thing we have learnt is that when the packet states “plant 1.5 metres apart”, there is a reason for it. But that large raised bed looked so big for the two little seedlings, so we chucked an extra few in for good measure!

The sun was out again today and Phil’s sunflowers have jumped to attention and our first tomato is turning red, but I will probably be away when it’s fully ripe, so I envisage Philippa gorging herself on all the new tasty arrivals over the weekend.



As usual I was cracking on with tiling the en-suite bathroom this time. We’re going for a black and white theme in this one and quite a pleasing pattern to do, but a lot trickier to get the cutting right than I expected.



Knee pads, I really couldn’t do any of this tiling without these. I seem to have a trapped nerve in my right knee these days…Too much knee spinning with Callow and Poddy in my youth I think!

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