Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Murder in the night

Following the continued destruction of our brassica crops, we decided to follow the guidance from any regular gardener. The only way to tackle a slug problem is to face them head on at night. So last night armed with head torches, secateurs and collecting buckets we headed into the veg patch. Much to Phil’s disgust one of the cabbages had 9 of the little devils on it. We split up and started the slaughter, with Philippa squealing in disgust at every new discovery, especially the big juicy orange ones, and having to snip them in half with the secateurs.

We Probably “harvested” about 40 of the little blighters, and to make sure they didn’t return we drowned them in the stream.

We are now committed to slug genocide, so watch out tonight you slimy pests………

1 comment:

Jayne Kelly said...

Rock on with the slug mining!