Saturday, 8 August 2009

A busy day at the office

Wednesday 5th August, 3:30 p.m., Ctrl>Alt>Delete, shut down. Goodbye So if I’m no longer a lawyer, who am I? Furniture mover; cleaner; builders mate; interior designer; gardener; slug nemesis. Two days as a permanent resident of Banceithin and “mein host” has me working like a dog. My first job was to create chaos out of chaos by trying to find a home for all the clothes, bags, shoes and general detritus that followed me from Berkshire. Not to mention unpacking all the bin bags of Dave’s clothes hidden under the bed beneath 10 month’s worth of dust and cat hair!


Day 2 and it was time to tackle the wilderness – you can take the veg plot out of the field, but you can’t take the field out of the veg plot. The only way to tell the spring onions from the grass is to sniff before you pull. A day’s hard graft in the field yielded a bumper crop: fat & shiny Red Baron onions, teeny tiny thinned baby carrots (ideal for a fairy on a diet), the first main crop potatoes and the last of the peas & beans (Dave favours mushy peas while I’m arguing for pea houmus), a freezer full of broccoli and spinach (sucking air out of a freezer bag through a bendy straw – a first for me); turnips (an essential ingredient in Dave’s “turnip surprise”); yet more courgettes (when does a courgette become a marrow and when does a marrow become a rounders bat?); bunches of spinach & chard; and fistfuls of fat slimy slugs drop-kicked over the fence.

IMG_3742IMG_3743      IMG_3745

Tool of the Day:

Trinny the tractor and her grass munching machine…… IMG_3747

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